Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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Peer pressure
Shea, C. (2007, Apr. 29). In praise of peer pressure, Boston Globe.
People are beginning to use peer pressure to accomplish their ends...they have noticed that people overestimate the amount of drinking that is going on around them- as we noticed in our class. How much drinking is going on around you? Will that influence your behavior?

Schiff, S. (2006, July 31). Know it all: Can Wikipedia conquer expertise? The New Yorker.

Privacy & the net
Dawson, C. (2007, Apr. 30). Privacy is for the ignorant. ZDNet, Education IT. There is no such thing as privacy!

Text messaging
Reuters (2007, Apr. 26). Report: Text messaging harms written language. CNN.Com, Technology.

SIUC Website, siuc.edu
Our Word: New Web site needs to be shaped up. (2007, Apr. 13). Daily Egyptian editorial, SIU-Carbondale

Online education
Stephens, S. (2007, Apr. 10). Ohio cyber school wins over critics. Plain Dealer online, Cleveland.

Self-organized systems
Davies, P. (1989). Abstract- The Cosmic Blueprint. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Williams, L. (2007, Apr. 12). How real life screws up blogging. Learning the lessons of Nixon. "Blogging is making a backup of my soul".

Keen, A. (2007, Apr. 12). An elitist code of conduct for bloggers. ZDNet, The Great Seduction.

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