Tuesday, October 16, 2007

075 in the rearview mirror

I have a lot to blog about, but have been falling behind- I'll try to give you a summary of what I should be blogging about, but haven't had time to...these I will cover, hopefully, as soon as possible.

A tale of four surveys- basically, my Newstalk classes decided what they wanted to learn about (WalMart twice, Starbucks, Guns & Crime), came up with four surveys, and made a snapshot of American opinions and attitudes, in the group weblogs coming off of the Newstalk weblog. Interesting! I have lots of comments about the results- you may have to scroll down, in each case, to find the results of the surveys themselves.

RRJ's- reading reaction journals, now going online, all of them, off of the EAP1 weblog, where the names appear in the templates. I'm proud of them, every last one of them. My own personal monument in favor of reading, against using the same old stuff, and getting away with it. You can tell, however, that I didn't win my battle 100%.

Vocabulary project- part of my EAP1 Core- I never quite finished explaining, how exposure figured in, or whether it made any difference, in how well students had organized and learned vocabulary prior to a stressful testing experience. Does stress ruin everything? If so, it explains why so many students never score over 450. But if they never learn vocabulary, that would explain it too.

CESL Today, slowly but surely displaying student work, this edition without its pictures or contributors listed; I'd like to do some design experimentation, and tie old CESL Todays together, for example with a web tour of cesl music picks, or a folk tale page. Now that I'm teaching writing, I need html to give me a mental rest from intensive and continuous grading. html is actually restful, with its tiny little slash-carats. There's a world-a-html out there waiting for me.

A web report, made for my colleagues, telling what's going on with the weblogs & the static web pages. Still on its way.

An attempt to explain language learning, which at this point is still too jumbled to show off. I'm experimenting with titles like "After Krashen: Get more dummies," etc. No wait a minute. Maybe more like: After Krashen, learn the rules of the road. I actually like Krashen. I don't believe in a "LAD" or language acquisition device, though. And I'm really curious about order of acquisition. Will share, with time. Not yet, though.

Great movies & slide shows made fot the CESL EOT exhibit- proving that our students are at least as up on the modern personal movie-making technology as anyone. I'll link to them, I hope. It's wonderful.

University plagiarism scandal- I'd like a better way to keep track of the stuff I hear, not to mention the articles flying in the media. If only my students could read them...

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