Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ice storm cometh

The campus and southern Illinois are gripped in an ice storm that is in its second day; though SIUC is open after a day off, there are many who are not coming to class, or having problems with the ice in general. Without commenting on that (yet), I'm posting to say: when I get a break, I write. Here is the latest:

For my upcoming TESOL presentation, Teaching writing in online and paper worlds, this is one I'm proud of:

Leverett, T. (2008). Communicative competence in the digital era. Part of Teaching writing in online and paper worlds, Demonstration, Writing-IS, TESOL, New York City, April.

Here are two more in a general series on the communicative era, Krashen, language learning, etc.

Leverett, T. (2008). Communicative theory rocks the late 20th century. Unpublished manuscript. Available

Leverett, T. (2008). Grammar wars. Unpublished manuscript. Available

Bibliographies laughably inaccurate; not finished. As usual, comments welcome...enjoy!

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