Friday, May 23, 2008

welcome to 083!

A new term, new writing class, new developments:

static web- I've been cleaning it out. It's a mess. Over 300 pages, old projects, old archives, etc., and all my responsibility though in its present condition I'm a little embarrassed. Look for: new and usable student page; better index; more pop art throughout; old penny postcards from US GenWeb Archive; better bibs for teachers; fewer dead links.

Topic weblogs that collect student writing by topic, so that, for example, you can scroll down a food weblog and read about food. For all, visit eap2.

Chat survey systematically asking people if they recognize & understand chat symbols (:-)), some of which have begun to appear in essays.

Other things I'd like to have time for:

chat research- on the skills involved in chat;
research on machine translators and their effects on students' understanding;
sociology research on Cooley & the dead white men, continuation of language inquiry in general;
tryout of text-to-speech software;
voice comments on blogs;
more pop art from the magic computer camera;
getting more linguistics from the archives out in the open air where all can read it;
rebuilding this blog so that, for example, you can click on topics;
gaelic language revivial;
going to cesl social events;

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