Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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EduK8. (2008, Sept.). 100 useful free web tools for lifelong learners.

Dawson, C. (2008, Oct. 7). Google is your friend. ZDNet. Accessed 10-08.

TED Video. Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the web.. Accessed 10-08.

Hole in the Wall- the story.

Dawson, C. (2008, July 28). When will textbook publishers get a clue?
ZDNet. Accessed 10-08.

Carroll, J. (2008, July 11). Lessons from American university education. ZDNet. Accessed 10-08.

Stross, R. (2008, July 27). First it was song downloads. Now it's Organic Chemistry.
New York Times. Accessed 10-08.

Dawson, C. (2007, June). No one ready for FCRP. ZDNet. Accessed 10-08.

Gilbert, A. (2008, Sept. 23). With tunes from Scotland's past, she finds a resonance with the present. Accessed 10-08.


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