Saturday, December 13, 2008

webmail won't open...

so I have to store it here.

online photography resources

open ed wiki- open content

code for media literacy education

web 2.0 is dead

edublogger twittergroup
scroll down, click "member tweets: show recent"

elearning twittergroup
apparently you can click "member tweets: show recent" on all or any of these, but you can't keep doing it!

Most of these links come directly or indirectly from Carla, active in the ed-tech world, who, every time I get onto Twitter, is filling hers with useful resources and thus sharing them. There's also lowercase dave; his resources tend to be related to Carbondale, Greyhound Bus, streaming music, Phillies, you name it. What am I trying to say? I'm not sure. Finally put my twitter resources here, but it's nothin', I just started. I have no idea how I'd use such a resource as Twitter in the classroom, thus have only an inkling of why I'd save these resources. All I can say is, web 2.0 isn't dead, it's alive & well, otherwise why would people like the guy in #4 be so steamed? It's a kind of sea change, like it was when they invented the phone, in that we really have no idea where it will lead.



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