Friday, May 22, 2009

wiaoc 09

Sorry I've been busy, but I meant to publicize this: Webheads' online conference, biannual, free, online, from any computer near you. Schedule is here. By the way I feel like I owe almost everything I know about using technology successfully in the classroom to the webheads, and I participate only in the weekly chats, and even then not every week. It is an enormously helpful group; somewhere among them, somebody knows the answer to virtually every question. I highly recommend it. Careful, we often trip over GMT- we seem to be about five hours behind it, at the moment. GMT is an international system to help everyone be in the same place at the same it, it's worth it!

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At 3:46 AM, Blogger HollySueL said...

I've made it to some of the sessions. It has been really great... hopefully run into someday with the Webheads!


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