Friday, January 29, 2010

Howard Zinn

Giroux, H. (2010, Jan. 28). Howard Zinn: A public intellectual who mattered. truthout.

I actually took a class from Howard Zinn. I was 18, and arrived at Boston University surprised at the fact that it was possible. So, I signed up and went. It was a large Political Science lecture class. I don't remember much about the material; it's possible that I dropped it, or didn't attend very regularly; it was 37 years ago. I vaguely remember trying to go to his office hours, but I didn't have any reason, besides meeting him personally, and when there was a line of about fifteen students waiting, I backed off.

Such is life. I have to read the article a little better; it's not too late to notice, who he was, and what he actually said.


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