Monday, April 04, 2011

us out of libya

I realize this is a language blog and not necessarily the best place for this, but I don't hear anyone saying anything about this "war" and I don't hear any of the things I'm about to say, so somebody needs to say it.

The fact that the US is together with European powers and Canada makes everyone feel confident or complacent but still doesn't help me. Do we have a reason for siding with one tribe or another? Our reason is that Ghaddafi kills people for no reason? We don't like him? We like the other tribe better? Do we even know the name of that other tribe?

I realize that probably someone is studying the situation, and figuring out the name of that tribe, as I write. But it's too late. We've committed millions of dollars, billions, and human lives, to a situation where lots of people have lots at stake totally unrelated to us and we don't know a thing about it, even now. So we want the oil. We should make it a state and just steal the oil, but I guess that wouldn't be polite, would it? So we play these tribes against each other, hoping to side with whichever one can help us with the oil, and, wait, we don't even know the tribes' names?

We moveth too fast. Let's at least figure out if we have any friends in the area.


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