Friday, February 17, 2012

Benefit Poetry Reading

I took $291 over to Good Samaritan House today in small change, checks, and a money order; there was also food that went to the food pantry which is in another location. I considered the poetry reading a success for that reason alone. People came from CESL; some I knew from elsewhere, and some I didn't know at all. I believe that if they came only for the poetry, they heard good poetry, so it was a success from that point of view also.

Below is a picture of Thomas Gault, who read for Patrick T. Randolph, who was home with a newborn baby. The picture came from The Southern online but was doctored with "picnik" which will soon be withdrawn. Thomas is my colleague at CESL and, being from LA and all, might not be used to the fact that in a small town such as this, one gets in the paper regularly. It can't be avoided.

As for the poetry itself, I will put a more detailed report on my poetry blog; back at CESL, I realize that one reason so few students attended was that I'd loaded them down with studying. Such is life. On a cold and rainy night, I was grateful that those who came, seemed to enjoy it.

One of my favorite bloggers ever is a DC cabdriver, slightly vulgar but a great writer and always entertaining, and one thing I like about him is that every post ends with "don't forget the homeless", though these days he also seems to be calling for criminal investigation of some DC politician. I didn't (forget the homeless); I saw five or six more today when I took the money over. I realized that it would buy little more than a day at that place, probably. It doesn't matter. It felt good to go over there, lay some money on the table, and walk out. They promised to send me a letter, which I'll keep.



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