Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leverett, T. (2012). Koutsoudas' first principle. Unpublished document.

Leverett, T. (2012). Symbols and the language learner. Unpublished document.

OK OK, with these last ones (these two and another, earlier this month), I'll have to admit: I'm cleaning out my files. They are no longer in order. If there was a book forthcoming, its order is under question.

I will say this, though: I will store this stuff at the "On Language" blog; that site in general stores my notes and thoughts on this topic; I'm not done yet, though at the moment I am moving to Lubbock, TX and have to take a break from organizing and serious writing.

The second, though it's marked 2012, was written on the old Word; I'm not sure when I wrote it. Let's just say, this blog is the most permanent place to store stuff like this, computers come & go, but the blog stays, with its sleepy organization by month. These, I guess, will remain as July 2012.

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