Tuesday, July 16, 2013

one month, not much to show

Somehow it's less impressive to tell people that I'm working on three books, than to tell them I'm working on one. Maybe it's because you lose some credibility when you keep working on even one, and never finish it. Such as it is, though. I have one on language as a self-organizing system; I have a novel, at least one (which has been going for a long time), and I have an autobiography, which at least I'm qualified to write.

I did get a few things into paperback form (see above) this summer, so that, if you really want to read my writing (most of which is stored on the web, see template, fish around, you'll find it)...you can have a nice little createspace-made version. I recommend the two below as among the best but more are coming. I have taken to publishing them myself. I figure it will be simpler that way, if I ever become good at it, and I will always own the stories, which for some reason I'm attached to. In fact it's not easier; it's taken me more time; it's been laborious.

I have a friend in the TESOL business; she started Wayzgoose Press; she prints a variety of ESL/EFL books and I could team up with her; she might even be willing to publish some of what I've written. I have only begun to actively publish ESL/EFL things; most of it, I did for SIUC, and is still floating around the SIUC/CESL Dropbox, being used at CESL, where it should be. To tell the truth, I could create more, and even want to; I've done it for years, and wouldn't mind doing it some more. But I'm serious about the three books above; I want to finish them; I have a lot on my plate already.

Meanwhile my short (one month and a half) vacation is over; it's back to work here in Texas soon enough. I have to accept some of what's finished as what's finished, and keep on going. Now I'm in the ITA business (International Teaching Assistants); I have less to say, in general, here, but I'll keep you posted.

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