Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Finding Adam

This is an interesting story. We were contacted by Christine Kallman in Minnesota, who wanted to use a poem by Adam Abdulkadir Alamin which had been published by CESL Today, in the last poetry edition, in 1996. Adam was from Eritrea and had written another article about Eritrea. But nothing in his file gave us any clue about how to contact him. We only wanted to ask him permission, on behalf of Ms. Kallman, to use his poem.

He had transferred to Winona State, in Minnesota, and a Google search revealed nothing, but an article in the Minnesota Daily about a demonstration in Minneapolis (here an Alamin Adam is a food science major), and this, an intense anti-Khartoum account of Eritrean political activity implying that someone by his name had changed his name, and gotten involved in this.

We would still like to contact Adam, and tell him about this honor. But all other trails appear to be dead! If you can help, let me know. For all I know, this is a common name, and might appear in many places, not to mention that Eritreans may be hard to find via the web.


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