Sunday, February 12, 2006

utilitarianism, cont'd

Don't know what to label this post, as it is primarily a retraction of the previous one. Or, clarification, if nothing else.

A little research showed that utiltarianism is a philosophy, John Stewart Mill, etc. This was not what I was after. I'm not sure what the word is for what I'm looking for, and I haven't had time to research it, but it's something like this:

The mind is aware of the urgency of developing an efficient processing system. It photographs and processes reams of data in every waking hour. It attends to its own system, classifying and filing what it has; it uses its best guesses about what will be needed the most and the soonest, and tries to make that accessible. The rest, it puts in a revolving door- it's saved for a while, then discarded.

The secret of language learning is mastering this system. The learner has to convince his/her own mind that what is being learned should be marked as "urgent"...

The mind is generally more clever than the conscious attempts to manipulate it. It does notice, however, when things are being used. And it responds accordingly.

More on this later...


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