Friday, May 04, 2007

youtube survey update

It is now past midnight Friday night, and believe it or not, I'm still pulling together what I can of the Newstalk YouTube survey. I actually enjoy this work, and would like to have as much of it up for people to use as I can. But I'm not sure when I'll get back to the office this weekend, and, when I do, if I'll have time, even then, to work on it. So I can probably say that this is the version you're stuck with for a little while.

Counting is done for many of the questions; any that have close to the 281 total that we teachers have in our hands, most certainly got every sheet counted, though clearly counting methods varied a little. I can tell you that counting the last twenty or thirty or so surveys for each question did not really make much of a difference for the ones that we did finish. Take any stack of twenty out of a group of 281, and the percentages will fall about the same as the rest.

The one thing I regret is that I haven't typed out the comments. Those are interesting, but will take some time. I did get the comments on #25; those are interesting too. Read them!

One thing that I notice is that the post-url for each survey (one posted May 1, and one posted tonight) is the same...I don't know if this will complicate things. If I am able to make another post, it will be called "FINAL YouTube survey post"...and that will have a different URL, I hope!

FINDINGS that I notice right away:

1. It doesn't matter who you are, almost everyone has a cell phone (Q 16)- a stubborn 8% of us (myself included) don't- and that 8% runs through all categories, male, female, old, young...
2. Three quarters of us are walking around with cameras (Q 17) in our cell phones, although us older folks are less likely to be doing that. I've noticed that in my class alone; almost everyone was capable, in theory, of making that YouTube movie. Almost everyone has a camera, on any given day.
3. Still a minority of people (15%, Q 19) actively use YouTube, by putting stuff up there regularly. But 15% is a lot of people.
4. Watch the MOD figures in Q3. These are the people who are going to YouTube more than once a day. I find that interesting. Maybe it's like a portal for them. America's funniest home videos as a place to check in, like your answering machine. It's close to 10%, and especially high for people who are 23-30. Those are actually the heaviest users of YouTube in general, I think...we old people may be aware of it, but are much slower to use it...and the youngest people are too pressed for money or time, maybe, to really take full advantage of it.

I may have more to say as time goes on- I hope you do too! Comments are welcome, both here and on the posts.



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