Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CESL Today v70

You may have noticed our Writing Assistant, Kasandra Merrill, passing this out. She's worked hard on it. I'm working on a web version of it, which I'll give you a a peek at, though it's not quite done. I just couldn't put that fancy cover on it, but most of the articles fit just fine. I kind of enjoy it- technology has actually made it easier, and Kasandra made it easier too, doing most of the hard editing. I enjoy producing student work, because, if we've done well, it's interesting reading what they have to say, though they save their hard essays for their personal blogs.

I've noticed, though, that in writing class, they run the gamut, from interesting to deadly cautious, bordering on empty, in terms of their willingness to stick their neck out and actually say something that might make a difference. In other words, sometimes they do. When we do environment, I get a little impatient, what with the poles melting and all, and we in the universities just generating hot air and cutting trees in the process, making papers all marked up with red ink, but some of which, in their finished forms, ending up on our blog system. And so, another term ends, and the next CESL Today will be on its way too...this one, also, bound to be one for the books, one for all time.

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