Friday, May 25, 2007

dawgs & tags

It's back to work after a short break, and a little stomach flu on top of that, but I'm a writing teacher now, so my posts ought to be crisper, clearer, more powerful. I had two goals over the break, but only accomplished one. The second was to start using tags on this weblog-which I did. I went almost all the way back and got almost every post; I'm almost done.

The first is about the CESL weblogs- which we were forced to convert onto the new blogger, and which now encompass about five distinct systems - current (~12), old (~12), teachers (~4), newstalk projects (~2), and linguistics (1). My plan is this: put a saluki in each one. Click on the dawg, and get posting instructions. This will help, because even I often forget whole groups of weblogs, and I've started most of them- or been in on it. Fortunately, the password is the same for virtually all of them. And they may be even further conflated than they are already! Old ones are still accessible from several places- but may not stay that way- it's kind of a management issue. How much does a person want to keep track of?

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