Sunday, May 06, 2007

YouTube survey, continued

I had to put "FINISHED" on the survey results on the NewsTalk weblog, because I know that students want to write their assignments as soon as possible, and the counting is painfully slow. Many questions: 1-11, 14-20, and some on the back, are done or almost totally done, but lots more still aren't done, and it takes about an hour to finish two questions/20-50 remaining surveys; the hours just aren't there.

We seemed to have skipped Q 29 altogether; I'll try to get that up there a.s.a.p. Also, the comments, written out on some of the 281 surveys, are very interesting; I'd like to get them typed and put up. This may take another week, though.

As I stated earlier, I don't find a big difference when I complete the counting; the last 30 surveys usually fall very close to equal in percentage as the first 250 or so. One notable exception is questions 28 and 31, which are the same on the survey; tabulators finished about the same number of responses (232 for Q28, 245 for Q31)- but the percentages fall quite differently for each. I'm curious to know if, when finished counting, we will find that people answered both questions the same. It is interesting that the questions between them, 29 and 30, might lead a reader against government control, and actually change an answer or two. We'll find out.

Good luck! I'll keep working at this end...



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