Friday, May 04, 2007

YouTube movie

So our class actually made a movie, to put up on YouTube, and it will supposedly be put up there as soon as possible. At this point I have to trust NewsTalk students, particularly Abdulkarim, who assures me that it will happen. I believe it will. But I looked, and haven't seen it yet. I did notice that: the other CESL (Univ. of Ariz.) has some student-made movies; we certainly aren't the first to use a good best-homemade-video site. It's all new to me, though!

I enjoyed being the lead actor in a major TOEFL drama; it was about five minutes long; it featured a showdown between me and Raed over a cell-phone that went off during a TOEFL exam listening section. It was very interesting and fun. It was hard to keep a straight face.

I look forward to seeing it on YouTube, and voting for it, repeatedly (Illinois tradition)...

And getting my friends to do the same!



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