Monday, May 14, 2007

more articles

Sorry about the fact that I haven't figured out why these URL's don't wrap (at least, on Safari, when I look at my own weblog). One reader suggested tinyURL. But I shouldn't have to use that...I don't want to hide the URL. I just want it to follow a decent order on my own weblog. As one son said to me once, after I asked him how his first day at kindergarten went: "We spent the entire day learning how to stand in line..."

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The Age. (2007, Mar. 26). Walking the streets of Cyberia. Accessed 5-07.

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Neff, J. (2007, Mar. 15). Video driving games promote risky behavior in real life. Autoblog. Accessed 5-07.

Chronicle of Higher Education. (2007, Mar. 14). Trustees give U. of Illinois's Global Campus the Go-ahead. Accessed 5-07.

Gardner, W. D. (2007, Mar. 13). MIT to put its entire curriculum online free of charge. Accessed 5-07.



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