Thursday, July 05, 2007

as promised

Leverett, T. (2007, May). Dialects in a changing language. Global Study Magazine 4, 3. London. pp. 56-57. Available online at:

This one is now the cover story of the online version of the magazine; I'm working on another, and will have a pretty solid collection before I'm done. Most of the old ones are here- which is kind of a gateway to my older creative stuff.

I hope everyone had a good Fourth. Some advice: watch out for firecrackers. Watch out for lightning storms. Avoid standing water. Don't drive through anything you can't see the bottom of. Don't blow off firecrackers near barefoot kids. And don't give sparklers to a two-year-old.

What do you call a grammar question that blows up in your face? A grammar cracker.

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