Sunday, February 24, 2008

teaching e-mail

Emmerson, P. (2004). email English. Oxford, UK: Macmillan.

Pretty simple reference. This is a book used to teach e-mail expressions, etc., probably a big hit in Business English classes where there is some urgency to get students to be able to function in practical situations.

So why don't we feel the same urgency? My students often use e-mail to send excuses- they are sick, or can't come to class, etc. Most of these are fine, though few are perfect. But I often notice how little experience they've had with this, and how quickly it shows. My approach is experiential: I'd like to just be using it as a medium more than I do. But, one has to set this stuff up, start an e-mail group or a listserv, etc.

It's worth pursuing...nothing could be more valuable, in preparing our students for their futures.

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