Sunday, January 04, 2009

No photo service

I'm going into the third day now, without my photo service, Fotopic, which went offline early on the 2nd, UK time, inexplicably. As one who cares a lot about my pop art, not to mention pictures of my family, I've been hanging around the computer waiting for these photos to come back (it could just be change of server, a plausible possibility) or for some reasonable explanation, but so far, none. Rumors are flying: bankruptcy, plug pulled on it by server agency, etc. But what do I know? Only that my pages, particularly my pop art blog, are full of empty pix spots. It could be messy, cleaning it up; much of this stuff is on one desktop or another; some will be lost forever; some of these empty holes may stay empty for a while. C'est la vie. :-(


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