Thursday, March 04, 2010

Documenting Wikipedia

Martin, N. (2007, Sept.) Wikipedia clamps down on 'unreliable' editors. Telegraph, UK. Accessed 3-10.

"Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia compiled by computer users, is to stop people from editing entries after a series of questionable updates cast a shadow over its accuracy and reliability." para. 1

"Employees of the CIA have been found altering the biographical information on former presidents including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon." para. 7

Seven per cent of all internet users now visit the site every day. (para. 13)

“The changes could help transform the encyclopaedia from a rough guide into a trusted authority. But they might also erode the very freedoms that encourage people to contribute to the encyclopaedia in the first place,” said Jim Giles, from the New Scientist magazine. (para. 14)

The changes would also alter the ethos surrounding Wikipedia where everyone should be free to contribute to the creation of the encyclopedia. (para. 15)

Seelye, K. (2005, Dec. 4). Snared in the web of a Wikipedia liar. New York Times, Week in Review. Accessed 3-10.

Story of the false information posted about John Seigenthaler Sr.

Bryant, T. (2007, Aug. 21). Checking the reliability of Wikipedia. Academic Commons, blog.

Links to Wired article, others.

Meredith, L. (2010, Feb. 17). Information anarchy: Don't believe everything you read. LiveScience. Accessed 3-10.

Robertson, N. (2010, Mar. 3). Wikipedia's decline and the 7 types of human motivation. Enterprise irregulars.’s-decline-and-the-7-types-of-human-motivation/. Accessed 3-10.

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