Tuesday, January 10, 2006

local fame

That's right, I've been written up in the local newspaper, The Southern Illinoisan, along with my thirteen-year-old son, an enthusiastic newcomer to blogging, Sheila Simon, and Dave More, probably Carbondale's most avid blogger. A couple of points about the article:
1. I've already retracted the statement that I invented link poetry; I was the first that I knew of to do it, but I've already been proven wrong; I'm now a link poetry "practitioner" and "historian"...and by the way, Dave, hang on to that link...
2. Still waiting for the "online" version of the article (once you get used to blogging, this waiting seems to take forever...), but a picture of it (scroll down) will give you the idea...I agree with many of Dave's comments, and can only hope that a few more pick it up after reading the article.


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