Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chat Pioneers go to town

It turns out, students are much more familiar with this medium than we teachers are. As if you didn't know. Connectedness is part of life these days. And, if we speak their language, we'll know them better. Here are some Q's and A's about the upcoming CESL CHAT.

Q: Why Tapped In? Why not MSN or Yahoo?
A: If you can convince me that MSN or Yahoo is better, go ahead! TappedIn is intended for educational purposes. They help us stay non-commercial and educational in nature. They know us already, a little. I like them.

Q: How do I find out what all these emoticons MEAN?
A: We'll put together an emoticon directory. It's on its way. There are some places on the web that explain them, but, sometimes you just have to guess.

Q: How can I get more acquainted with the format?
A: Read a transcript.

Q: What happens when you join Tapped In?
A: You get innocuous e-mails every once in a while. You get access to transcripts and you get to use the facilities more. The facilities are actually amazing; I don't really know them well yet, but I know they have a wealth of resources. Also, you will not have "Gst" appearing next to your name on the transcript; people will know you sooner. It's fairly easy (and free) to join.

Q: What should I bring?
A: A URL or two. But it's not required, it's just tradition. Another tradition: we often talk about food. Don't ask me why. Just come. Relax. Join in. Thank you!

Q: How do I copy and paste url's onto chat?
A: Copy: [Apple + C]. Paste: [Apple + V}.....(is that right?)



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