Monday, September 11, 2006

vision- don't take it for granted

Traditional Snellen chart used for visual acuity testing. Illustration only; this is a scaled image and hence not suitable for vision testing.

It occurs to me that people in my position may be better placed to provide this than those who are responsible for producing handbooks about it (see post below). Be that as it may, I will try to take it on, though maybe not right away.

btw in passing, here's one blogger, with sister in nyc, brother in london, a couple dozen saudi students & friends & relatives, all of whose lives put through the grinder by bin laden & his nineteen goons, or their buddies, and the self-serving and enormously costly response to it on the part of our entrusted leaders- who does not want to devote another word to lives pointlessly wasted...or even the struggle to stop the madness. i'm tired of it. i will, however, remember the victims. when the innocent are dying, nothing is more important. may they rest in peace.



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