Saturday, September 30, 2006

webheads chat 9-10-06

CarlaA: so. You have a print screen key on your computer, just hit it, then save it. After that, you can upload it to your blog.
SusanneN: that would PRINT a fullscreen?
NinaTL: I will try this, thank you!
RitaZ: yes, Sus
NinaTL: How would I adjust the size of the shot? Could I make it smaller to show on a power point?
RitaZ: a bit amaller in sixe, though
RitaZ: size
SusanneN: I never found a good way to use this on windows.On mac this was so easy to do
CarlaA: if you hit shift Print screen, then it only captures the first screen on your computer.
SusanneN: and where does it get saved; I don't see any save prompt
NinaTL: as opposed to///
NinaTL: ...?
CarlaA: yes. nina. you can edit the image in any photo editor and resize it.
RitaZ: Sus, just open a word doc and hit paste
SusanneN: OOOH -so it will be in my pasteboard
NinaTL: Which free photo editor do you all prefer?
DennisOl: And PowerPoint lets you resize, too: just pull the "handles" of the graphic.
SusanneN: picasa
BrianR joined the room.
RitaZ: photoshop
CarlaA: generally susanne, I open the photo edito and paste it there, adjust to the size I want and save it
NinaTL: I don't think photoshop is free, is it?
BrianR: i just came at the tail end of something didnt i
SusanneN: photoshop is not free is it?
RitaZ: it is, I think
SusanneN: Brian , you can jump in anytime
CarlaA: nina, i use Picasa. it has great featues
NinaTL: Welcome, Brian
CarlaA: features, i mean
BrianR: whats the topic?
DennisOl: Brian: We're discussing uploading photos and screenshots to blogs.
BrianR: webheads right?
RitaZ: free, Carla?
NinaTL: I have Picasa but have not really explored it yet
SusanneN: we're talking photos and print screen tricks
NinaTL: Webheads, right!
CarlaA: yes, rita.
BrianR: hmmm...
CarlaA: it does wonderful little things to photos.
NinaTL: such as...?
BrianR: i like the firefox plugin fireftp
BrianR: makes it all really easy
BrianR: an ftp client right in your browser
NinaTL: for photos Brian?
BrianR: for ftp
DennisOl: If anyone here uses a Mac, GraphicConverter is a wonderful tool. It isn't free, but I use it so often that I didn't mind paying for it.
BrianR: so photos too
SusanneN: *all reaslly easy* such as ...?
CarlaA: nina, before uploading my pictures to bubbleshare, for example, I resize all of them at once using picasa
BrianR: i used it for posting screenshots etc
RitaZ: then I publish photos in fotothing
NinaTL: I was having difficulty with photos I took with my institute's digital camera..
NinaTL: they were HUGE
VanceS: snaggit for a comparable windows tool
NinaTL: when I tried to email them they made gigantic files
SusanneN: I agree . Graphics converter is really useful (o mac)
BrianR: jpg compression is a beautiful thing
NinaTL: but I couldn't figure out how to make them smaller
NinaTL: or even take them smaller in the 1st place
DennisOl: In GraphicConverter, I crop, resize, adjust brightness, remove blemishes and distracting elements, and much more.
ThomasLev: I had that problem also
CarlaA: so nina, with picasa, you import the photos, edit them, then you export them to a new folder with the size you want. it's great. it saves time and work
DennisOl: You need to use some sort of image editor to reduce the size.
NinaTL: I am finally thinking about getting a digital camera of my own. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like to spend under $150.
BrianR: ebay
BrianR: [;
DennisOl: Photos straight from a digital camera, for example, are ENORMOUS in sized.
CarlaA: i don't like to take my pictures with low quality cuz sometimes I print them.
CarlaA: I love CANON
SusanneN: you can do all of these diting processes with Picasa too
CarlaA: right, susanne
NinaTL: I think I need to explore my Picasa more deeply!
RitaZ: me too, Nina
DennisOl: I have a Kodak, Toshiba, and Canon. I like the Canon very much, but the quality with the Kodak is also quite good, even at a low megapixel rate.
NinaTL: Do new photos I upload (or download?) automatically go into Picasa if it is already installed?
CarlaA: yes, nina. and it can really enhance your pictures in terms color, brightness, etc...
SusanneN: I often have high res pictures saved for pints and then resize them as a batch for smaller screen images
BrianR: but if you want to post them on the web its good to compress them as small as possible
BrianR: for bandwidth reasons
NinaTL: Is my price limit of $150 realistic? Can it go lower?
CarlaA: I think you can do that, nina
SusanneN: Picasa is keeping order in pictures
RitaZ: in the USA you can, Nina!
CarlaA: I like kodak, too, dennis
CarlaA: I love the colors in canon. and the flash is really powerful
NinaTL: Would a Best Buy kind of big box store be the best place to buy? Radio Shack? Circuit City?
NinaTL: (Sorry you folks outside USA)
BrianR: just go window shopping
BrianR: try the net
RitaZ: they have special offers, Nina
CarlaA: Nina, i bought two of mine at best buy
NinaTL: Are there any particular features I should be sure to get?
BrianR: those stores just might have online their prices
CarlaA: and you can chech pricegrabber online
NinaTL: You have Best Buy in Brazil too?
RitaZ: at times recycled one are also good, much cheaper
CarlaA: no. I bought in the US
NinaTL: How about features?
BrianR: anything in specific?
DennisOl: I agree about the colors with a Canon, Carla. My Toshiba, for example, has a red-balance problem.
BrianR: for your needs?
FrancisHu left the room.
NinaTL: I don't know anything about it, just want to be sure I don't end up with something that lacks a major feature I would want.
BrianR: not really sure
BrianR: for me a picture is a picture
RitaZ: video included, transferrable to pc´s
SusanneN: Nina, there would always be more features and more space and highter resolution, this is a never ending spiral
NinaTL: I plan to use it mainly for photos that I will not print. I will save them on the computer, put them on blogs or Bubbleshare, etc.
DennisOl: Hear, hear, Sus.
NinaTL: Video??
RitaZ: thats what i do, Nina
SusanneN: I live my cell phone, it can also take small videos
MoiraH: how about a cell phone then?
RitaZ: yep, mine fils short videos
NinaTL: Just print very occasionally, like for my fridge, or for people without computers (there are still a few of those)
BrianR: nina then you could get a real cheap one with low resolution
RitaZ: film
DennisOl: You should be able to get something with about 4 megapixels for $150 or less, if you shop around. This would be a good resolution for work published online.
NinaTL: I was thinking about a cellphone, actually, because mine is really old
BrianR: really good resolution
SusanneN: the Sony Ericsson w800i was my choice and i certainly don't regret
RitaZ: brb (going for a yogurt)
SusanneN: it had a 2 megapix cam
BrianR: nina i would go with a cell phone they get pretty good resolution lately
CarlaA: Nina, at school I use a Sony Cybershot 4.0 pixels . It works fine for the purpose you need. it films too...You can find it for a good price.
NinaTL: I am going to print out this part of the chatlog and take it shopping with me!
MoiraH: that's why I am so happy to inherit my son's!!! It has all the goodies
SusanneN: lol
BrianR: and its more handy
NinaTL: You webheads are the best!
DennisOl: My first digital camera was 2.1 megapixels--but the resolution was still quite good for online work.
CarlaA: mine is a canon A85. I just love it!!!
NinaTL: It's already 10:30, I have to go figure out who I am going to vote for on Tuesday--
SusanneN: after i became familiar with using my cell phone for so many things my older digital cam is in a drawer
BrianR: i dont have a phone with a camera anymore
BrianR: it sux
ThomasLev: I agree, Nina...I'd like to save this part of the chat too

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