Sunday, October 01, 2006


Below, an unedited part of a chat by the webheads who meet weekly at Sunday 7 am our time. It sounds kind of workaholic to get up so early and get online with such a group, discussing use of technology in teaching usually; in this case, just digital cameras in general. I saved it simply because I wanted the reference, wanted someday to be able to read it more carefully. But I save all their links here, and reference them whenever I can.

I have some reservations about printing (publishing) stuff that is said casually, informally, even though they probably know on some level that it could be used this way. The link site is my personal site, just a log of cool places that we talked about, went to, tried out, etc. (and some are personal, probably)- but ones that I can't let go of, and can't organize right away either. I can only hope that this group is not offended that I take what I get, and put it here, essentially for anyone to peruse. It comes by too fast; half the time I can't even open the links as chatters provide them, and must capture them just in order to explore them in a better time frame. In this particular snippet (below) there are no links. But the record of places they discuss, visit, try together, and review, in general, is incredible. I find myself going back through them as often as I can - usually not Sunday morning, of course.

Having said that, I'll also say: those Sunday mornings, sometimes with coffee, little kneehuggers afoot, sun coming up on another busy weekend, have as their anchor this chat with people I've come to consider good friends- all over the world- in many cases I don't even know where from- but definitely, an extended family. If you, webheads, have stumbled upon this site, welcome home! Mi casa es tu casa. I'd like to invite you in further- for Life cereal, Guatemalan coffee, Blues clues video, Cars movie video games, days-old Chicago Tribunes- & the waking up of the immediate family. But now, it's back to work- it's already Sun. night!



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