Wednesday, January 24, 2007

20 statements

Looking for mine? I covered them up with my rambling. I have students answering the question: Who am I? in two different classes. In ae2 they are putting the answers on their own personal weblogs (click on the lit-up names on the left, at the top)- at the higher level, I was unable to justify publishing these pedagogically, so I just collected them and am using them to edit, and look at later. And save, or perhaps ask the students to publish them, voluntarily.

I mention this because, as I have actually told people, it's part of a larger sociological thing, an assignment given to thousands of sociology students, developed as part of the Iowa School of Symbolic Interactionism - now I like this, because my wife is a symbolic interactionist, and I'm an Iowan (kind of)- went to the U of I twice (and up there, U of I does not mean Illini). This link is merely a gateway or a reference point, if anyone were to get into using these sets of 20 statements to study self-perception interculturally (I can't pretend that I've looked into it much). My wife has already pointed out that I messed up the assignment in a number of ways, not the least of which is having some of them published, but, my attitude is, hey, if it's not on the web, it doesn't exist. We're enjoying reading each other's, anyway. And what am I going to do, move piles of paper around for years? I'm getting tired of that already, and I'm only 52. Going on 53.


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