Saturday, January 13, 2007

plagiarism revisited

McCabe, D. and Pavela, G. (2005, Mar. 11). Honor codes for a new generation. Inside Higher Ed online.

Branigan, C. (2001, June 1). Rutgers study: Web makes student cheating easier. But most cheaters said they would have plagiarized anyway, regardless of the web. eSchool news online.

Pullum, G. (2006, Apr. 25). In defense of Kaavya Viswanathan. Language Log.

Hale, C. (2007, Jan. 12). Professor threatens suit against Poshard. Southern Illinoisan.

The last of these deals with the ongoing drama here at SIUC, though it has moved beyond any connection to my presentation, and is also beyond a showdown over a bit of plagiarism. Several things have become obvious though: first, plagiarism is extremely common in normal, academic, everyday life, not only at SIUC: I'm astounded that so many people in the surveys referenced above freely admit to doing it (one would think that, having gone on the lying path, they would simply continue the deception, making such statistics invalid; they would certainly have little reason to lie in the other direction). Second, fear of actually having to write something can be quite disabling for the young of many cultures, and for plenty of other people too. Don't know if people like that read blogs like this- but nobody else does. And, not feeling that, even now, I don't know if I can say I understand it. People are busy. Life is full. And language learning is a process of copying what you've taken in....successfully.

Haven't read the top three, but I will. Stay posted.



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