Tuesday, July 10, 2007

notes from around and about

A collection of my son's reviews, which make me proud. I can say that he started his journalistic career here at SIUC- as I guess I did also. I'm kind of a casual participator in the citizen's media, but he's bettered me, I think. I told him to get into the web-design part of it, and he would be employed for life. I'm not sure that's what he wants.

Working on patiently updating CESL Today, cleaning up a disaster in the back library. I have heard that the restriction on all old logos, the more draconian of regulations for webmasters, may have been lifted. You may recall that I'm not so much against the high-noon-at-pulliam sidebar, though it is difficult to work around the same insidious red color day in and day out- but I am opposed to the deliberate forced defacement of old archived materials (ok, I admit, they weren't all that great to begin with)- the wreckage of which still upsets me- because of a "uniform look" rule. If that part of the webmasters' requirement is gone, I'm glad to know it. But I'll be happier still if some old logos can see the light of day again. The logos to me represent historical eras- and those who delete history are bound to go diving through server-logs and web archives trying, sometimes futilely, to recover it. I should also mention that an extreme time shortage has hurt this effort, as well as the St. Lucien project, the archiving of old faculty pictures and historical records, and numerous other projects, which mostly just take time, and a few moments by a computer.

Finally I invite one and all to the Mix in Carterville to hear yours truly- Fri. evening, 7-9, be there or be square.

To those who missed it, abroad and wherever, a happy Fourth. It poured buckets here. We've moved from hot-tub to sauna now, though- it's likely to be prickly until October. Time to stop driving after 6:30 in the morning.

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