Monday, November 19, 2007

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Language learning & technology

Tetens, K. & Mulcrone, L. (2007, Nov. 16). Language learning at MSU moves into the digital age., Michigan State Univ., Accessed 11-07.

UVa Today. (2007, Nov. 15). Engineering professor evangelizes 'Higher Ed 2.0' approach to teaching. Univ. of Virginia. Accessed 11-07.


Wolf, C. (2007, Nov. 15). The web fuels hate speech. International Herald Tribune. Accessed 11-07.

Hesse, M. (2007, Oct. 21). In walks this avatar, with a thick, papery thing... Washington Post. Accessed 11-07.

Second Life

McCoy, A. (2007, Nov. 11). Forget the real world; Second Life is the place for me. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh PA. Accessed 11-07.

McCoy, A. (2007, Nov. 11). What it takes to get a Second Life. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA. Accessed 11-07.

Since I can't let it pass without mentioning, I used to deliver this same Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, mornings, for 42 cents a week. Now I can't even find the cents mark on the keyboard.

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