Friday, November 09, 2007

teacher's day

I often complain about being too busy, which is true. But this year I missed Teacher's Day, which was some time in October, and am so late in pointing that out that it is now November, which is Be Thankful Month. November is actually my favorite month, as I am thankful, every day, for not only my job, but also my wife and family, my house, and even my beautiful little, no-count, one-horse jerkwater town. But along the lines of my first comment, I really am thankful for CESL, its environment, all these cool students, and my colleagues, and if you think you've got it tough around here, read the following, which really made me open my eyes.

Johnson, C. (2007, Oct. 30). School's closure in Japan exposes tough times for foreign teachers., Christian Science Monitor. Accessed 11-07/

Manyong, P. (2007, Oct. 14). Cameroon: Misery and the Cameroonian teacher. Accessed 11-07.

Have a good holiday season!

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