Monday, February 25, 2008

a most singular weblog

CESL students often put their weblog on the main CESL system, though we tell them to set up their own passwords, and make their own weblog private, with a private log-on and private password. But recently a CESL student put a very unusual twist on a common mistake.

Rather than using the e-mail address log=in and post to a main CESL Newstalk weblog, he left off the -s and ended up starting a weblog at What is unusual about this is that first, he had to start a whole new account, and second, two other students followed him and posted their articles at his weblog!

So now, we have this kind of alternative, hidden universe, not connected (linked) to the rest of us except by this post, and, if I hadn't lucked out and heard about it, these poor students would never get credit for any of their hard work.

The plural -s is a slippery fellow, but he causes a lot of trouble sometimes!

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