Thursday, June 12, 2008


I learned about Twitter almost a year ago, probably through webheads, and started an account in order to see what it could do. I have friends for whom it became a daily or even hourly activity, and found it very useful in a kind of half-texting, half-blogging sense- different from texting, different from blogging, yet containing constant updating, instant connection and resources, an interesting way to experience different people's lives and views. I found myself very interested from the teaching point of view: what could it do for us? But, personally, I didn't log on five times a day. I logged on maybe five times the whole year.

Now, it turns out that a specific community uses it to share resources a lot- thus it's still a very interesting place, full of resources, full of information. One can go around, see what people are writing about, and, rather than getting lost in the personal nature of details (right now, I'm turning left) - as you would, say, with a cell phone- you can find instead good photoshop software, or, good tips on how to put an excel sheet on a weblog. But you have to know where to find it. Or, how to ask. It's an instant community- well-connected, always there, always online, almost.

Lots of my friends fade- they fail to log on, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. Me too. But, I find it an interesting environment, different from all the others- not only in what you can get out of it, but also in what it does to the it messes with your mind. Focus- should I use it for blatant self-promotion? One side of me doesn't mind that at all. Right now I'm uploading pop-art.

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