Saturday, January 17, 2009

facebook & friendships

Selin Davis, L. (2009, Jan. 17). Does Facebook replace face time, or enhance it? Time.,8599,1871627,00.html. Accessed 1-09.

This article is hot of the presses, still tinging the electronic nerve-endings. I haven't read it thoroughly, much less decided on an opinion, but I do have a number of points to make: first, there are many old friends, who I care about a lot, who are now in my life virtually every time I open up the computer. Second, going over into their online space is somewhat like chatting with them on main street in a small town- you take in a slice of their reality, find out what they're thinking and doing. Finally, it changes the nature of the friendship I do have with people- in general, for the better. It's no small thing though. You let someone into your network, they find out every detail of your status, from now on- and see every picture, in which someone tags you- that is, if they want...I'm sure people are uncomfortable refusing to be someone's friend, but, on the other hand, the more you know about what this entails, the more complicated the decision is. My conclusion is: people aren't 100% or 0: there are grades of friendship.

I'm collecting information here.

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