Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Jersey

Leverett, T. (2009, Oct. 24) Integrating chat into the writing class. Invited talk, New Jersey Higher Education ESL Conference, Montclair State Univ., Montclair NJ.

This was essentially the same as my presentation at TESOL in Denver; I was asked, in Denver, if I could come to New Jersey to give it. New Jersey was stunning in its fall colors, and my hosts were generous and friendly. Teachers were eager and somewhat stunned to hear about both weblogs and chat; how could one really use these? But I showed them, and showed what we did. Also, although I welcomed the opportunity to have and use the "backchannel," there were no takers. ESL teachers don't, apparently, bring their hand-helds or twitters to conferences such as these.

The script this link opens up to is a rough draft of my talk, but it is connected to the rest of the presentation also. I would like to update it; I'm running out of time.

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