Saturday, April 10, 2010

East brain, west brain

Begley, S. (2010, Feb.) East brain, west brain: How different cultures shape the brain. Newsweek. Accessed 4-10.

I actually found this article in a magazine, while staying with my parents, and read it there. It's profound and disturbing at the same time. Profound because I've always claimed the power of culture and language to shape the brain; also, the power of what we do to determine how we organize (see post below). I can't, at the moment, remind you of what I've already written about it; it's not available. But language is best seen as a large traffic jam, in which people's perceptions of the world are dictated mostly by how they see it, namely, the bumpers immediately in front of them. We do watch, organize, become more efficient, etc.; we also lose sight of that which we don't see regularly. There's more to this than meets the eye; stay posted!

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