Friday, January 20, 2006

january blizzard

a series of essays, below, include some of my thoughts on language learning. My published articles are here; another is being published as I write, but I've been putting my thoughts down this month in order to perhaps organize everything, perhaps come up with a coherent theory of language learning, perhaps just write some more. In fact the nice people at Global Study Magazine want more, but I'm still ruminating; the one I really want to write is about bilingualism and children. So far, below, please find these:

language learning and the musician's ear: why most of us can't reach perfect pronunciation

the translation plateau: a place where many language learners get stuck (links to two articles on it)

the familiarity hierarchy: it's important to become familiar with words, in order to truly learn them

words that start with vowels are the hardest to hear.

turnover: the ability to start producing things that you've learned.

the listening-writing connection

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