Wednesday, February 22, 2006

r u ready -- for chat?

The first CESL Chat came and went...and it was great. I see it as a way to get diverse people involved in CESL and talking to well as getting our internationals to share a little of themselves. I think people are a little hesitant to share in a new environment...maybe it will take time...but so far it's been pretty good. I've learned a lot. I've met people. I know more than I did.

I will say a couple of things about chat in general. First, my EAP2 students are totally comfortable with it, and have delivered to me lots of very interesting information: about Wal-Mart, about their hometowns, about grammar, etc. It's really quite amazing. As they slip in emoticons and abbreviations I become aware how much more familiar they are with the medium than I am. Where have I been? I'm kind of a piker. Here I just teach this paper-on-pencil essay kind of medium...Second, what an incredible opportunity...for communities to spring up and evolve...this I've learned mostly from the webheads, who are pretty active in this area. These two communities are both directly connected to corners of the world that are really pretty far from here...and, have widened my horizons quite a bit. Makes living in a small town not so limiting...

c ya! ^^



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