Monday, February 19, 2007

Using weblogs in the esl/efl classroom

I will present this at the LMC video room at 12:00 this Thursday, Feb. 22, George's birthday, as a test-run for TESOL. The video room is a small place so I don't mind if only a fraction of my entire reading audience (;-)) attends; I will be happy if lots of CESL teachers attend. I have found CESL teachers to be overall receptive to the idea of using weblogs in the classroom, but somewhat overwhelmed by the practical challenges involved in doing so, not the least of which is finding the time to master something you are about to teach.

And, while I gather the strength to preach to the choir, give them the best I can offer, the computer in my own office stubbornly refuses to step over the void(0) rock, some subterranean code-related glitch that blocks a mac OSX 10.3.9 on the New Blogger. Going around by way of IE doesn't help, because, though I can post on IE, I can't EDIT POST on IE because I can't see any of the old posts. Getting a 10.4, or getting Firefox, may be the only solution.

Making and putting up webpages is a similar nightmare. The old computer had SimpleText, but that can't handle modern pages, some of which I made in the time that I had the new computer. The modern and free page-making tools, TextWrangler and BBEdit, work great on newer macs, but can't download onto a 10.3.9; I can't find an earlier version that will. Kind of a standoff there. I may have to make my pages at home for a while.

Sorry about the technobabble. Was watching "The Never-Ending Story" over the weekend with my son (who had fallen asleep); noticed that the terrible, all-encompassing enemy was "The Nothing"- it snuck up on you, destroyed your life, eroded your very being, caused your horse to give up and sink into the quicksand- could this be the "void(0)?" Maybe I'm making more of this than it's worth. But this void(0) is haunting me. It's somthing I'd rather not think about. Off to make an outline- maybe this one on paper, or, as a low-tech solution, e-mailed to myself.



At 4:15 PM, Blogger yiming said...

Hi Tom: I have added you Successfully. This term is finished so soon, I still remember when I got my schedule and told Bi-chen that my core teacher was you. Her exciting relection. I enjoyed myself in this class, these two months will be a wonderful memory in my life! I remember you and all my brothers sang birthday song to me, I remember you helped me to fix the problem in my cousin's paper, I remember everything. I always talk to my family about you, and they appreciate your kind heart because you make me feel less lonely. You are right, I am so fortunate that I'm the only girl in our class, I have 12 nice brothers, and the important thing is that I can study with you! You are an excellent teacher. Not only just I are lucky, but also all of our guys. Thank you! I have no
words to describe my thanks, just thank you! I believe you can understand!


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