Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TESOL 2007 presentation

I'm on my way to Seattle, WA, USA, to go to the TESOL Convention...read this slow-loading program carefully and you'll find me twice. A third time, I'm hidden in the e-Fairs classics, off the grid.

I've worked long and hard on a collection of my thoughts on weblogs, which I will deliver as stated, on Saturday. It's somewhat informal as it's written here, but that's because it's basically a speech, slightly expanded. I have no plans to carry it further as of now; this could be as far as I go. I'll give the complete reference upon my return.

Here's one that found its way onto the web though, as I said I'd hoped.

Leverett, T. (2007). Same world, different glasses. Global Study Magazine online. http://www.globalstudymagazine.com/site/articles/336/.

This is a very interesting magazine.
Cheers, and hope to see you upon my return!



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