Monday, March 05, 2007

the view from the peak of 071

The term is coming to a close very quickly, and the weblogs are getting a lot of action. I myself have contributed heavily in all three classes, AE1 Novel (Horse Whisperer is the novel we read; I'll spare you the picture since so many of my students provided it); AE2, where we did crime and students did weblog posts on such topics as Alcatraz, Jesse James, Qat and the death penalty; and, EAP2 Editing class, where I didn't get them on the weblogs until late in the class (and was sorry). At first I had trouble justifying using the weblogs with that class, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that editing what is online and editing when you put stuff online is really the kind of editing that will matter to them in their futures anyway. A tour of what they said about grammar etc. (and of all the classes) will show that:

1. The weblogs are a work in progress. Some people clearly aren't finished and may not be finished by end of term, tomorrow at 4.
2. In general, they have interesting things to say. I liked where a teacher stumbled across the novel class and ended up leaving useful comments on the first four posts. I'm not sure these particular students knew that; I'm not sure that all of them were aware that anyone could read them...I wasn't used to dealing with such a low level, and forgot that sometimes you have to say such things several times.
3. They have worked hard on most of what they've done, and should be proud of it!

Some of my students are leaving very interesting comments on the posts below- and I want to say, before I go to bed: Thank you! Good luck on finals! Good luck on the TOEFL!

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