Monday, July 16, 2007

comment culture

From the world of women's-issue weblogs (fertility, etc.) comes this case of a post that generated over 800 spontaneous comments, most of which, as far as I can tell, were not responses to each other, but were responses to the original post. The woman had just had her yet-to-be-born twins tested; this was her 13th try; the tests came out well.

Here you have some serious blog-reading, commenting, participation in community. Another example I hold out to you is from small town newspapers, such as our own Southern Illinoisan; it frequently publishes stories about small-town happenings and allows readers to comment. It has now had to control the comments a little more strictly, since articles about such things as car accidents became venting opportunities and a kind of free-speech, free-for-all forum with insults flying, etc.

I realize that the power of the medium is a double-edged sword, and won't blow its horn any more, but, it's interesting to say ways a new medium can evolve and be taken in by elements of communities.

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