Friday, February 29, 2008

A couple of interesting things from the Language Hat:

Language Hat blasts National Grammar Day, which is March 4th, of all days. The Linguist community is more or less united against people who play the role of the old English teacher, correcting every errant apostrophe, so you see words like "annoying" associated with people who, on March Fourth and other days, will send out notes correcting everyone. But I have another gripe. These guys, the NGD people, have a great list of grammar blogs- people who know its from it's, so to speak. But their webmaster traps you in the NGD blog...I hate people who frame you and don't let their links carry you to where they say they this the fear of spambots that I've noticed at Language Hat? entry with 70 comments, one by yours truly. I can't help but get involved in such discussions. One part of me would still love to be a linguist, getting into huge & endless discussions about personal pronouns- this one set off by a "Dear Abby" column.



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