Thursday, January 29, 2009

letter exchange with Bryan Crow

The post below this finishes up a letter exchange that started here, on the eap2 website, where Mr. Crow pointed out that my student's eloquent defense of the falcon quoted him and mentioned an article that had slightly misrepresented the nature of the chemical substance that is endangering the falcon.

I replied and said that, although I had tried to teach my students the meaning of "canary in the coal mine," I am fully aware that calling the falcon one, which it certainly is, may or may not work with this particular population.

It's interesting, because in effect he's telling us that our weblogs are very important in the public discourse about issues such as the endangering of the falcon. He's saying: Keep up the good work.

And, he's saying more. I invite you to read it in order: start at the eap2 blog, then go to my response at the bottom of this post, then his response at the top.


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