Thursday, February 24, 2005

grammar talk

announcing a new weblog...this one is for the purpose of discussing grammar and TOEFL-ish grammar questions.

Now I should say that even today ETS, maker of TOEFL, is getting away from what the mainstream leaders of this field feel is an over-obsession with the picayune, tiny matters of grammar. You know, like the difference between on time and in time, for only one classic example. It has been said, and often repeated, that knowing the rules that determine which one to use is not the same as fluency.

Nevertheless knowing why we do what we do, and when, is still important. Why? One reason is that second language learners always ask. Well, just because they ask, doesn't make it right, does it? It may not make them more fluent to know the answer, but if it helps them understand how the grammatical system works, it's helping them. At least, that's my stand.

I have an article on the subject, if you're really interested. It's here (pdf)...It's called "A question of time." It will be coming out in Global Study Magazine, soon.

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