Friday, March 07, 2008


Instead of doing what I should be doing, preparing a TESOL presentation, I'm digging up and reading old classics.

Lankshear, C. and Knobel, M. (2003). Planning pedagogy for i-mode: From flogging to blogging via wi-fi. IFTE Conference, Melbourne, July. Available Accessed 2-08.

All kinds of things in here, including the two below. Written five years ago (a light-year, in this era)- they foresaw some interesting problems.

Levy, P. (2001). Meta evolution. University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres. Unpublished document. Accessed 3-08.

This guy didn't format or edit much. I guess if you're writing about pure philosophy, who cares? It's interesting- I've been looking for things like this.

Rose, F. (2007, December 20). Secret websites, coded messages: The new world of immersive games. Wired 16.01. Accessed 3-08.

In this one, the leader of a rock band plays a game with the world. A big, online, immersive game. I tried to get my son interested in the possibilities- I am. I don't have a rock band, though. What's interesting is getting massive numbers of people wrapped up in a hide-and-seek kind of charade, just for marketing purposes.

Back to work, I guess...

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