Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Observations on TESOL

-San Antonio is a wonderful city...warm, green, friendly, Spanish, old. The Riverwalk is a sidewalk along the river, below the city, where it's cool and green and social and very nice. The rest of the town is ninety degrees in the shade, but still nice. I missed the hotel shuttle and stood out there, in the wrong place, for over an hour because it was so sunny and nice. Finally I realized it wasn't coming...and went back to find it!

-People are very interested in weblogs, especially ours; though I thought it was old news, it really wasn't; it's new to most people, and they seem dazzling and confusing to many. People are just beginning to get onto some developments in technology and how they affect us: concordances; text & chat; e-mail lists; all kinds of stuff. It seems like a lifetime can be spent explaining what useful stuff does for busy people...



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